This is the ad-hoc hub for the various #occupy hack-a-thons are springing up across the country.


We’ve asked a bunch of folks involved with various occupations, and the broader movement, to tell us projects they’d be interested in being built. You can see that list here. Feel free to add any additional ideas you have or that you’re working on.

If you start working on a project on this list, please say so in a comment so others can either collaborate, or know that it’s taken. If you’re feeling inspired, include a link to GitHub or your contact information, so folks in other places can work with you.


Upcoming Events:



(feel free to add more in the comments below)
Hubs (primarily used by SF and DC) (primarily used by NYC)

NYC ideas wiki

SF/DC Wiki on GitHub

Free/Libre software hub

IRC Channels (freenode): #hackupy (NYC), #occupyhack


99% tumblr : Analysis of 99% tumblr


OWS FLO Solutions

Occupy Tech BaseKamp

Occupy Design


Past event details

San Francisco: Friday-Saturday
New York: Friday
DC: Saturday


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  1. OpESR says:

    We’ve developed a general assembly and occupation registry at that Anonymous might use to put their event on the big map and calendar right on the front page. Also, it supports international locations and multiple languages.

  2. dxo says:

    I also set up a site to provide coverage and information resources vital to conveying the #occupy message. Thanks for your efforts! :)

  3. precipice says:

    We’re developing an Occupy Resistance Network for breaking news updates and forums at Let us know if you want to help.

  4. If you want to build more solar phone chargers like the one I made for you guys and delivered Saturday, email me for the schematic.

  5. Juanita says:

    “spent lots of time to search, findally i get it, useful finfo me for me!”

  6. Ed Knutson says:

    Take the Square has created a mailing list to help different occupy software development teams to coordinate across oceans.

  7. Parker East says:

    Go and vote this one up: “Crowdsource a database of facts/figures related to different realms of corp. responsibility. Users make profiles and rank issues importance. They scan barcodes with phones or text names and get a 1-10 score of how a corp/product fits them. Vote w/$”

    One weekend is not enough. Let’s keep creating the tools and meta-tools needed to make these diverse dreams a reality!

  8. Mark says:

    OccupyVotes is a participatory decision making platform to answer “what do the protesters want” & map differences at each local protest. The project launched and has gotten 10,000 votes so far. Check it out and vote! @occupyvotes

  9. Dorothy Dillon says:

    I’m writing to ask for people who know how to set up wifi to go down to the San Francisco occupy and help them. The wifi in the camp has not been working now for days and they have no livestream.

    This is very odd that the occupy camp in San Francisco, in a city with plenty of techies who support this cause, still has no wifi.

    thank you!

  10. willowbl00 says:

    We’re holding a hackathon on Friday in Seattle. Hit up @GWOBorg or @willowbl00 for coordination efforts.

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