Here’s the list of projects that came out of the 10/15 hackathon event in SF and DC (NYC coming soon).

How to Occupy:

Question and answer site for #occupy organizers. Users can ask questions about issues they’re dealing with, and others can share their experience. The code for site is up here:  and for the mobile app, here:


The project’s goal is to create freely available visual tools around a common graphic language to unite the 99%. Follow @occupydesign for details or to pitch in and help.


The #occupy needs to see and feel the support. OccupyTheHub is a visually compelling experience that brings together online activity.


Crowdsourced and funded #occupy videos. Aggregates best videos, provides easy access to existing remixing tools, and connects directly to crowd-funded ad platform LoudSauce to get 15 sec, 30 sec or 60 sec videos on the air. Building on the success of the first #Occupy TV ad that raised over $5k in three days, this will be an open source project supported by LoudSauce and friends. For more info contact


A proof-of-concept universal group messaging utility to help organize people in real time via SMS (aka ad-hoc group messaging through SMS). GitHub coming, in the meantime contact @alexlevinson


We want to use a timeline to tie together the events, people and groups that look unrelated, but actually part of one movement.

Police Brutality Tracker:

Reporting and cataloging tool for CopWatch. Code at: Live site coming soon. For more info: @beatpanda


Centralized location for material donation requests/offers searchable by category, location, and item. A way to consolidate needs and mark off what needs have been received to minimize unnecessary donations and to highlight the most pressing needs.

OccupiedWSJ Memo

We were solicited by the OccupiedWSJ folks for some ideas on how they could build a high quality web presence and made some specific suggestions on how to go about it.


Shouty is an Android app based on some of the ideas in wifi island. It can serve as an electronic aid to the people’s microphone, a tool for listening in on meetings you can’t attend, or a way to share live music. Shouty broadcasts a live mp3 stream from the phone’s microphone to anyone on the local wifi network. Common music playing apps, like iTunes and Banshee, can play this stream using their built-in “internet radio” features.

Right now it has a very clunky interface, but it works. If you want to help out (or just provide moral support) on the project so that it continues to be developed, find it on Github.


Occupyist shows the humble beginnings of what will be a sortable, searchable, location-specific list of events (Meetup and Facebook) and Twitter feeds (screen names and hashtags) related to the Occupy movement.


Ridehack helps you share rides to your favorite events and carpool with like-minded people. Thanks to Meetup, helps activists ridehack their way to local Occupy Together meetups.

(NYC project list lives here: